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WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Thoughts and Testing

Although I’m (very) late to the game I do like LED cubes and thought it was about time I joined in with the fun.

Initially i was thinking of a 10x10x10 RGB LED Cube based on 5mm LEDs most likely built on a PCB base.

On the LED side of things using RGB LEDs seemed to be the norm but all those wires look to cause both a major soldering task and they also get in the way of viewing the LEDs. Having recently seen the NeoPixel / WS2812B on Adafruit I thought I’d try try using those although they may need some diffusion since the light only comes out of the top of the SMD LEDs.

WS2812B Quick Test


Today the postie brought 100 WS2812B RGB LEDs from a recent eBay purchase. To give them a quick test I soldered “legs” onto a couple so they could be used on the breadboard easier.

Using the NeoPixel library and the Iteaduino MEGA I had them up and changing colours within a few minutes – all looks good :).

Now to move onto the next test…