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Sunday Soldering







Soldering Sunday PCBsI thought it was about time I assembled some of the boards – so today I assembled the latest revision of the Low voltage power distribution PCB, LED indicator boards and partially an adapter board.




Low voltage power distributionOn the latest revision of the Low voltage power distribution (from DirtyPCBs) holes have been added to allow the screws to tighten all the way down as I feared shorting out the PSU if I get overzealous. I’ve also used my 3d printed 5cm PCB ends to give the solder side some clearance.




LED IndicatorI’ve had these 10 LED indicator boards (from ITEAD Studio) for well over a year so I thought it was about time I assembled a few with different options.

The black 0.1″ headers (both male and female) are common cathode and the blue pin header is common anode to give a little flexibility when using them. For those with good eyesight you may spot the PCB was designed for 1206 resistors and LEDs in mind but I managed to get 0806 resistors onto the pads so used those since I now have 680R on reals.



0.1" headers to 1mm socket adapterThe little adapter board converts from a 6 way 1mm connector (SM06B-SRSS-TB) to 0.1″ although I have currently misplaced the SMD 0.1″ right angle pin headers so these was left for another day.

ITEAD Studio vs DirtyPCBs

I recently placed an order with both ITEAD Studio and DirtyPCBs a few hours apart and thought I’d see how they fared.




ITEAD Studio










The time taken for both was very good – obviously with anything coming via post there can be delays and sometimes this can add weeks but I got lucky with both. Since neither board was of any sort of complexity there was no problems I could see with the silkscreen alignment.

  Order Placed At board house Shipped Arrived
DirtyPCBs 5 Aug 2014 6 Aug 2014 11 Aug 2014 23 Aug 2014
ITEAD Studio 4 Aug 2014 6 Aug 2014 19 Aug 2014 27 Aug 2014

The ITEAD Studio order took longer to process due to there being an empty drill file (it’s a small all SMD adapter board I plan to cover with heat shrink). It was nice of them to confirm this before sending it on but obviously it added to the time taken to process the order (note to self – advise them it’s to be expected next time).

From DirtyPCBs I ordered the “Protopack +/- 10″ which from their website means “You almost always get more than 10 boards. However, very rarely orders are short 1 (~3%) or 2 (~0.5%) PCBs” – as you can see from the double stack of PCB I ended up with a lot more boards, stickers and a pair of tweezers.

I think on this occasion DirtyPCBs wins having delivered 47 PCBs, stickers and a pair of tweezers quicker and slightly cheaper than ITEAD Studio although I will continue to order from both suppliers. ITEAD Studio have recently announced a more automated online ordering process for uploading Gerbers so I will probably give them both a run against each other again in the future.

Low voltage power distribution with Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards

IMAG0470When the postie was sporting a weird look this morning I knew it could be due to DirtyPCBs and I was right:).

I currently have a couple of Iteaduino Plus boards as BGP routers, the Odroid-U3 connected to 3 of my high power USB hubs and the Parallella at home which all run off an enclosed 100W 5V PSU. To add/remove a device from the power was awkward as I’m just using spade terminals joined on the USB hub screw terminals to distribute the power between the devices.



DirtyPCBs Power distribution

The boards will be used (along with a 3D printed base) to allow me to connect/remove individual items from the power without disrupting the other equipment (especially the BGP routers). They’re very basic boards but the quality looks good including the silk screen alignment which is one thing that normally bugs me with cheap PCBs. All they need now is the screw terminals soldering on with the indicator LED/resistor and having time to shut everything down to move it over.


Yay stickers :)

Isolated USB Hub v1.1

Isolated USB Hub v1.1 PCB

Isolated USB Hub v1.1 PCB

Version 1.1 of the Isolated USB Hub PCB arrived this morning from Iteadstudio and the first thing I noticed was the silkscreen looks to be aligned correctly!  It would be nice if they all came correctly aligned but for the price I shouldn’t complain too much ;-).