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Raspberry Pi Zero/B+/2 – Speedtest.net results

After setting up g_ether on a Raspberry Pi Zero I thought I’d run a few speed tests on various boards to compare using speedtest-cli (with the same test server).

Device Ping (ms) Download (Mbit/s) Upload (Mbit/s)
Linux CentOS 7 (800Mhz) 32.73 71.24 17.90
Windows 7 (i7) 14 74.61 18.67
Raspberry Pi Zero [g_ether] 32.621 65.67 18.00
Raspberry Pi Zero [WiFi] 34.081 22.28 16.96
Raspberry Pi 2 31.804 70.30 18.00
Raspberry Pi B+ 35.154 48.24 17.34
Odroid U3 28.31 70.39 17.61
itead A10 Core 46.334 72.02 17.70

What this mostly shows is my WiFi really sucks, g_ether doesn’t perform that bad and for the rest those with a faster CPU did well most of the time which isn’t much of a surprise given the CPU usage was at 100% during many of the tests.