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Cookie fun with Farnell

Computer [Farnell] says no yet again :(.

uk.farnell.com Bad Request Cookie

So they upgrade the site and then stuff it full of Cookies they can’t accept – great!

And for those interested I found they’d set 36 Cookies (9424 bytes of data) which gets sent with every request to the site which needed to be cleared before the site would load properly again.



Farnell Say No (403 Error)

I’m not sure why but a couple of days since placing my last order Farnell have decided they don’t like me anymore :(.

Farnell 403 Error

After speaking to them I found they was unable to do anything with the Incident Number given on screen – he could take the number and pass it on but that was all. My personal details wasn’t asked for and the only suggestion other than clearing my cache was to keep hitting refresh until it worked.

During the call the guy did ask if there was anything I could do, after resisting temptation of asking for the admin passwords to the servers so I could take a look I decided I’d go with the light-hearted “I could go for lunch” reply.

I have a feeling my day will be more rocket salad than rocker switches :(.