NavSpark G2M1 GPS/GLONASS Antenna Module

IMAG0592My Free G2M1 GPS/GLONASS Antenna Module arrived today from the NavSpark store.

From the size and specs it looks to be the partial innards of the SkyTraq G2M1-A.

I’m not sure why they included the 12 way 0.1″ pin header as it’s not going to match up to the 1mm pitch connector and there are no other connectors on the module.IMAG0596sm

Farnell Say No (403 Error)

I’m not sure why but a couple of days since placing my last order Farnell have decided they don’t like me anymore :(.

Farnell 403 Error

After speaking to them I found they was unable to do anything with the Incident Number given on screen – he could take the number and pass it on but that was all. My personal details wasn’t asked for and the only suggestion other than clearing my cache was to keep hitting refresh until it worked.

During the call the guy did ask if there was anything I could do, after resisting temptation of asking for the admin passwords to the servers so I could take a look I decided I’d go with the light-hearted “I could go for lunch” reply.

I have a feeling my day will be more rocket salad than rocker switches :(.

Low voltage power distribution with Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards

IMAG0470When the postie was sporting a weird look this morning I knew it could be due to DirtyPCBs and I was right:).

I currently have a couple of Iteaduino Plus boards as BGP routers, the Odroid-U3 connected to 3 of my high power USB hubs and the Parallella at home which all run off an enclosed 100W 5V PSU. To add/remove a device from the power was awkward as I’m just using spade terminals joined on the USB hub screw terminals to distribute the power between the devices.



DirtyPCBs Power distribution

The boards will be used (along with a 3D printed base) to allow me to connect/remove individual items from the power without disrupting the other equipment (especially the BGP routers). They’re very basic boards but the quality looks good including the silk screen alignment which is one thing that normally bugs me with cheap PCBs. All they need now is the screw terminals soldering on with the indicator LED/resistor and having time to shut everything down to move it over.


Yay stickers 🙂

Odroid-U3 USB Failure

USB Hub - Upstream power bad

USB Hub – Upstream power bad

My Odroid-U3 is normally directly connected to one of my high power USB hubs which is used by some Block Erupters. On Friday all of the Block Erupter lights went green, I lost contact to the Odroid-U3 via the network and the power lights on the hub showed a lack of power on the upstream data port and the only things displayed on the Odroid-U3 when running lsusb via the serial console was the two USB root hub lines.

Isolated USB Hub v1.1

Isolated USB Hub v1.1 PCB

Isolated USB Hub v1.1 PCB

Version 1.1 of the Isolated USB Hub PCB arrived this morning from Iteadstudio and the first thing I noticed was the silkscreen looks to be aligned correctly!  It would be nice if they all came correctly aligned but for the price I shouldn’t complain too much ;-).

WIZ550IO delayed

My order of the WIZ550IO from TME has been delayed yet again. The expected date at the time of ordering was 10/Mar/2014 which slipped to 20/Mar/2014 and has now been pushed back to 03/Apr/2014.


If anyone knows of somewhere in Europe with stock, a working cart system and sensible postage please get in touch.