Sunday Soldering 2015/02/15

The garage is warming up slightly so this week I soldered up a couple of breadboard bound things.

First up was making the 2mm pitch ESP8266 ESP-07 breadboard friendly. Some have gone for mounting the module on adaptor plates or using stripboard and soldering wires over to 0.1″ pitch pins. I opted for a low tech approach and just soldered a cut in half male-male “Dupont jumper wire” ribbon cable to the pins.

ESP8266 ESP-07 made breadboard Friendly

Second up is yet another Arduino clone, this time the Deek-Robot Pro Mini (ATmega328P).

uRADMonitor Firmware Upgrade

Reading through the uRADMonitor upgrade guide I spotted the upgrade required a 3.3v programmer which I haven’t got at the moment (the replacement is in the post).

My old USBtinyISP (clone) is 5v only so 3.3v programming wouldn’t be straightforward but all is not lost as the trusty Teensy 3.1 comes to the rescue (any “Arduino” like board which runs on 3.3v will probably also work).

Teensy vs USBtinyISP

Cookie fun with Farnell

Computer [Farnell] says no yet again :(. Bad Request Cookie

So they upgrade the site and then stuff it full of Cookies they can’t accept – great!

And for those interested I found they’d set 36 Cookies (9424 bytes of data) which gets sent with every request to the site which needed to be cleared before the site would load properly again.