Monday Soldering 2015/11/03

Burr what happened to the weekend?

Monday Soldering

I’ve collected quite a few bits that need pin headers soldering over the past few weeks and for another project I’m working on I wanted to do some testing with a relay.

Relay stripboard

First up was drilling the stripboard for a relay and a couple of SMD diodes.

Relay stripboard pin headers

Since I wanted to use it in a breadboard I went for the copper side up so it was easy to see the orientation of the diodes/relay without having to flip it or use a sticker.

TXS2-4.5V pin bending

To accommodate the TXS2-4.5V relay I bent the pins over “SMD” style so it could be mounted on the top of the stripboard. If only Farnell had the SMD relay I originally wanted to use in stock this wouldn’t have been needed.

Stripboard TXS2-4.5V relay

By the time I’d finished the stripboard was a little scorched as the hot air gun was turned up too high from the previous job.

Breadboard - Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing, MAX4466, Level converter

I then went for a bulk solder on the pins I could hold in place with the breadboard – I2C Level Shifter / Adafruit MAX4466 / Sparkfun ESP8266.

Polulo U3V50F5

I’m planning to use the Pololu U3V50F5 step up voltage regulator in my 9x9x9 LED cube project to boost the battery voltage to power the Raspberry Pi so I went with the screw terminals which looked a bit lost in the pads :(.

TURNIGY3V7-750 JST connector

To connect the TURNIGY3V7-750 to a Sparkfun ESP8266 I needed to switch it to the JST connector. Chopping one wire at a time makes it a little safer but the wires are probably stiff enough to stay in position for a few minutes whilst soldering and popping a section of heat shrink tube over them.


Since I had a few W25Q128FV left over from the Teensy+OctoWS2811B+Hat v1.1 board I populated it on the Teensy Audio Adaptor Board, 16MB of FLASH might come in handy one day…

Teensy Audio Adaptor

I ordered a set of stackable headers for the Teensy 3.2 so I could still access the pins whilst connected to the Teensy Audio Adaptor. I decided against using the 5 pin connector on the end as they served no purpose with the audio adapter and also prevented using the Teensy in a breadboard.

Monday Soldering - 2015/11/03

The poor Arduino Leonardo was unlucky tonight as I have no immediate use for it.

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