WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2015/10/06

Day (well evening) two – more soldering of TOH v1.1.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 USB Termination Resistors.

1) USB Termination Resistors R6 and R7 (24 ohms).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Inductors

2) L1/L2 inductors (100ohms at 600Mhz).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Flash Memory

3) W25Q128 Flash Memory.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 RPi Hat EEPROM

4) RPi ID EEPROM (BR24G32FJ-3GTE2) for the Raspberry Pi Hat specification.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Resistors

5) Remainder of the resistors on the top of the board.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Resistors (underside)

6) Resistors on the underside.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 DS1820S

7) Temperature sensor DS1820S.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Battery Holder

8) CR2032 Battery Holder and BAT54C for the Real Time Clock.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Mosfet / Matched Transistor

9) P-Channel MOSFET (DMP2305U-7) and DMMT5401 matched PNP transistor.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 MOSFET / Matched Transistor / TPS2001CDGN

10) Top side Power switch (TPS2000CDGN), P-Channel MOSFET (DMP2305U-7) and DMMT5401 matched PNP transistor.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 vs v1.0

11) Comparison of the TOH v1.0 (left) with bodge wires/resistor and TOH v1.1 (right).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 vs v1.0 (bottom)

12) Comparison of the underside of the PCB.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Assembled

13) The 74HCT245 taken from the v1.0 board temporarily until the new order arrives and new pin headers completes the TOH v1.1 build.

Again it’s past 23:30 so testing was left for another day after a quick upload of a Blink sketch :).

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