WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2015/10/05

The new TOH v1.1 PCB arrived (Teensy+OctoWS2811+Hat) so time for soldering.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 PCB

1) I started populating the board with the 3.3v regulator (U6) which comes in a small (3mm x 3mm) WSON-6 package.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 3.3v regulator

2) Capacitors for the regulator. I then tested the regulator with the bench supply in the 5v pin header sockets (JP7) and all looked good on the 3.3v rail.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 LED

3) SMD connector for the RPi, the power LED (LED2) and associated resistor (R12). This time I went with Amber so I could easily spot the v1.1 board. (v1.0 used green).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Teensy MINI54 TQFP

4) MINI54 TQFP (pre-programmed from PJRC)

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 MK20DX256VLH7

5) Freescale KINETIS MK20DX256VLH7

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 USB Connector Pins

6) The Micro USB connector needed a little modification as it has small locator pins protruding from the bottom of the connector but these are not present in the part I used in Eagle so I cut them off with a sharp chisel.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Micro USB

7) Micro USB connector mounted on the PCB.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Capacitors

8) All capacitors on the top of the board (ceramic).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Capacitors (underside)

9) Capacitors on the underside of the board (again ceramic).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 SD Card Socket

10) SD Card socket.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 D10 LED

11) Red LED (LED1) and associated resistor (R9).

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Crystals

12) 32.768 khz crystal for the RTC (Real Time Clock) and a 3.2mm x 2.5mm 16Mhz crystal for the main clock.

TeensyOctoHat v1.1 Testing

13) Quick test to check for any issues so far with the bench power supply (5V with a current limit).

After the powered test I called it a night as it was 23:30.

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