WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2015/02/22

The first 3 of the finished 9×9 PCBs have been built up and mounted into the box this week, I opted to only mount one of the two of the 100uF capacitors on the board to start with and see how things go.

9x9x9 LED Cube - 3 9x9 boards in place underside

Those with good eyesight may also spot I’ve switched from using chopped up strips of 0.1″ header sockets to using a 1×4 header socket as this looks much nicer on the edges even after sanding.

9x9x9 LED Cube - 3 9x9 boards in place

With only one set of 9×9 spires it’s looking a little lonely.

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