Initial thoughts of the S-998P 100W Electric Desoldering Gun

S-998P testing

S-998P testing

Today’s deliveries included the S-998P Electric Desoldering Gun which came well packed for the journey from China and after a quick check everything looked OK the plug was chopped off and replaced with a standard UK plug (checking the colour code on the mains cable was sane).

Earlier in the year I’d been putting together an Elektor “kit” and made the mistake of not switching the solder jumpers on the LCD before soldering the pin header joining two boards together so that was used for the quick test.

S-998P testing on pin headers

Desolder Pin headers

S-998P testing on an LCD module

Desolder LCD module






It took a second or so to melt the solder on each pin but once melted pulling the trigger and giving the gun a wiggling over the pin the solder was removed. Since it was the first time I’d used the gun I tried it out on both sides of the pin header which was freed up quickly and allowed access to the rear of the LCD (and complete removal of the pin header since I’d desoldered both sides).

So far I’m happy with the S-998P for the money I paid and I’m sure it will come in useful when reclaiming components on through hole boards and fixing the odd mistake.

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