Teen and Sy (Split Teensy 3.1)

The Teen and Sy boards are a DIY version of the Teensy 3.1 splitting a pre-programmed MINI54 (use to program the M4) from the main 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72 MHz MCU (MK20DX256VLH7).

The Teen board adds a TPS62203DBV (high-efficiency) synchronous step-down converter and a battery holder to the board and breaks out all pins in 2 rows.

Teen v1.0 schematic

The Sy board just comprises of the MINI54, switch, decoupling, power LED and a capacitor on LDOCAP (which isn’t required when using the smaller package used on the real Teensy 3.1).

Sy v1.0 schematic

I have also put up a couple of videos and photos of the Teen+Sy boards running in a previous post with the Teensy software and the Sy plugged in the Teen board can be programmed in the same was as a normal Teensy 3.1.

Teen Project Files: Are not currently being released as it was an internal test board and the pins are NOT in any sort of order.

Sy Project Files (Eagle):

Schematic (Image) / Board

Please remember these haven’t been fully tested, they are working for me but – YMMV.


2 comments for “Teen and Sy (Split Teensy 3.1)

  1. Ivan
    2015/05/19 at 16:10

    Hi Chris. Interesting approach. I am needing something like that at the moment. Could you share your experiences on this with me? and maybe if you have spare teen-sy versions could i buy a couple from you? Thanks

  2. Mark
    2015/10/13 at 23:17

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve been exploring splitting out the “sy” from the “Teen” as well, and was planning on doing so for a multipurpose microcontroller board we are upgrading from an 8 bit Atmel processor to the Kinetis Cortex M4 chip used in the Teensy. Would you consider selling a small number of the programmer plugin boards by themselves (5-10pcs)?
    In fact, if you would also consider selling 1-2x the Cortex board (base pop option would be fine) that would allow us to test and vet code etc before we get our controller boards rev’ed and populated with the new processor. Having the programmers from you would eliminate the hassle factor of managing another board design when it’s only purpose is what we hope would be 1x programming use on fresh controller boards.
    Thanks in advance,