WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2014/11/16

More work was done on the box today.

LED Cube box - holes

I drilled 3 holes for each PCB which line up with the solder pins on the underside of the board so I didn’t have to remove as much wood.

LED Cube box - more holes

And more holes one for each corner of the square so I can easily get the jigsaw in.

After cutting out the squares under the PCB next up was the box assembly.

LED Cube box - top (underside)


The small pieces of balsa (offcuts from the LED spire jigs) was used to raise the sides to make the step in the top of the box for the lid.

LED Cube box - top and 2 sides

LED Cube box - top and sides


It was then left to dry in the kitchen (as you do when it’s way too cold in the garage).

LED Cube box glue drying

After a couple of hours of the glue drying on the box I added reinforcing triangles/blocks to the inside. The triangles are short enough to allow the base to fit inside the bottom of the box rather than being flush with the sides.

LED Cube box - reinforcement


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