WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2014/11/15

This week the wood arrived for the box, for the layout of bits inside I think I’m going to go something like this.

LED Cube box layout ideas

Left sheet is obviously the 3×3 PCBs which will be the top of the box. On the inside of the box (from the top of the image going left) I’m thinking 5V PSU and IEC connector (with integral fuse and switch). Then in the middle a USB hub (I might use one of my smaller 4 port hubs but used a 12 port on the layout and to the right of that will be the fuse holders. I hoped 10 fuse holders would fit on a 10cmx5cm PCB but it looks like that’s going to be too small so I may switch to using 4 on a 5cmx5cm and use three PCBs. At the bottom I then have the level shifter, an ARM Teen board and the Raspberry Pi.  It looks like all of the components should fit into the box easily ignoring the spiders web which will no doubt be created by the Raspberry Pi.

With the wood marked it was off to the drill press.

LED Cube box top marked for drilling

Sadly the drill press wasn’t going to make it easy for me as the board wouldn’t fit far enough in to drill the holes for the centre PCB so these were drilled by hand.

LED Cube top drilling

In the end it didn’t look too bad – some of the PCB are slightly out of line but it looks to be less than 1mm.

LED Cube top drill testLED Cube top drill test (underside)

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