Sunday Soldering

This weekend I’ve been building and testing my split Teensy 3.1 (what I’m calling the Teen and Sy boards) which I hope to eventually use some form of in my LED Cube.

Split Teensy 3.1 (Teen + Sy)

Compared to the standard Teensy 3.1 I’ve added space for a battery holder (CR2032) and 32.768kHz SMD crystal. On the power side the 3.3v is now split to use VBUS (USB power) directly for the K20 LDO which is used for the USB transceiver. The 3.3v supply for the rest of the 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72 MHz MCU (MK20DX256VLH7) and what’s available for off board usage is provided by a switching regulator (TPS62203DBV) this was done to test the configuration for a future project idea (since both are currently powered via VBUS).

Teen + Sy running the Arduino Blink test program.

Teen running the Arduino Blink test program without the Sy programmer board plugged in.

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