WS2812B RGB LED Cube 9x9x9 – Build 2014/09/20

Today I started work building the jigs to help build the spires (I settled on having a jig for each of the power rails).

Positive Rail

9x9x9 LED jig +The jig for the positive rail was built first with an LED spacing of 24mm. I used a piece of old garden furniture cleaned up on the disc sander as the base then glued a strip of balsa as the backing and then glued small pieces of balsa butted up against it to sandwich the LED.


LED Spire Jig BuildAfter adding the rest of the pieces this was again sanded down on the disc sander to allow the LED to stick out otherwise soldering wouldn’t be possible.

LED jig (Positive rail)The LED now stick out from the balsa jig.

LED Jig with blocks (positive)

I then added a block at the “base” of the strip to allow the wire to be butted up against it and then guider blocks in the middle to keep the wire straight and then two blocks at the end which allow me to cut the wire to length. Each SMD LED is then soldered to the wire.

Negative Rail

LED Jig NegativeThe jig for the negative rail is a little more basic in construction and operation. The half LED strip slides in between the 2 strips of balsa. The wire is then slid into the blocks on top of the LED which is then aligned using the elastic bands (these can’t be glued in place as the spire wouldn’t slide out) and the LEDs are again soldered to the wire.

LED Jigs and completed spireOnce soldered the blocks are moved out of the way and the completed spire can easily be slid out of the jig.

One down 80 to go…

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