Low voltage power distribution with Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards

IMAG0470When the postie was sporting a weird look this morning I knew it could be due to DirtyPCBs and I was right:).

I currently have a couple of Iteaduino Plus boards as BGP routers, the Odroid-U3 connected to 3 of my high power USB hubs and the Parallella at home which all run off an enclosed 100W 5V PSU. To add/remove a device from the power was awkward as I’m just using spade terminals joined on the USB hub screw terminals to distribute the power between the devices.



DirtyPCBs Power distribution

The boards will be used (along with a 3D printed base) to allow me to connect/remove individual items from the power without disrupting the other equipment (especially the BGP routers). They’re very basic boards but the quality looks good including the silk screen alignment which is one thing that normally bugs me with cheap PCBs. All they need now is the screw terminals soldering on with the indicator LED/resistor and having time to shut everything down to move it over.


Yay stickers 🙂

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