Isolated USB Hub v1.0


Isolated USB Hub v1.0 - Bare boards

Isolated USB Hub v1.0 – Bare boards

The boards for my Isolated USB Hub v1.0 have arrived from Iteadstudio, no real problems with the PCB other than what seems to be a recurring minor silkscreen shift.




Isolated USB Hub v1.0 - Populated board

Isolated USB Hub v1.0 – Populated board

Before populating the board I spotted a couple of deliberate mistakes – the main one being the copper pours going under the metal can of the DC-DC isolator which I feel defeats the object a little!  There was a couple of other defects in the design ranging from silkscreen labeling to errors in the schematic which was fixed enough for testing with a couple of bodges so I expect to order v1.1 soon. Since this isn’t going to be the final board only the required components were populated to allow a quick test – the board can be seen here with all 4 ports in use (flash drive, two keyboards and a mouse) and bus powered via the isolated DC-DC converter.

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